For Y leadership roles (boards, committees, fundraising), ask to speak to the Branch Executive.

Volunteers in Y programs go through an application and screening process similar to that of our paid staff members. This process ensures that the best fit is made between the new volunteer and the program they are matched with, while also ensuring the safety of our members, participants, staff and all of our volunteers.

To make for a smooth application process, complete our Volunteer Interest Application (print and complete to outline your interests and background), Volunteer Interest Application .

Before starting a program volunteer assignment with the Y, a staff member will walk you through the following steps of our application process:

1. Interview: Y staff members and prospective volunteers ask questions of each other to make sure that the best possible match is made.

2. Volunteer Application: Volunteers provide background and contact information including an identification check.

3. Reference Checks: We complete two reference checks on each of our new volunteers.

4. Job Description: We provide our volunteers with a job description, often created with the input of the volunteer, so expectations are clear for all parties.

5. Safety Orientation and Ymca Statement for the Prevention of Child Abuse: This process helps us to ensure your safety as well as the safety of all of our participants.

6. Background Checks: All program volunteers must complete the Applicant Criminal and Abuse Disclosure (ACAD) and New York State Patrol Background Check to ensure the safety of all. Volunteers with a DSHS licensed program also must complete a DSHS Criminal History and Background Inquiry, and an FBI check in specific situations. Having a criminal background does not necessarily prevent someone from volunteering; situations will be handled on a case-by-case basis.