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To perform at the optimum level safely during exercise, participants in YMCA programs should do the following when it comes to clothes and footwear:

  • Wear comfortable clothing that allows adequate ventilation. Clothing that is too tight or rough can irritate the skin, causing blisters, rashes or even abrasions.
  • Clothing should also be made of material that breathes to allow sweat to evaporate, which allows the body to cool.
  • Use of Rubber Exercise Suits (Sauna Suits) in the YMCA is prohibited.

Wearing vinyl or rubber suits (sauna suits) in an attempt to lose weight prevents sweat evaporation and causes the body's internal temperature to rise.

  • Inducing sweat is dangerous and it makes no contribution to fitness.
  • Wear comfortable, supportive, clean indoor footwear.

Contact Ink Young, Wellness Director, for more information on YMCA fitness policies.


  • The Men's and Women's Locker Room is for adults 19 years of age and older.
    • Women may bring their preschool (5 years and under) daughters.
    • Men may bring their preschool (5 years and under) sons.
    • Parents changing their opposite gender children must use the Family/Special Needs Locker Room.
    • Parents changing their same gender children older than 5 years must use the Girls' & Boys' or Family/Special Needs Locker Rooms.
  • The Girls' and Boys' Locker Rooms are for youth in grades K-12.
  • The Family/Special Needs Locker Room is for people who have special changing needs: parents with small children or people with disabilities requiring the handicap shower and changing facility.
  • Locks are for sale at the Front Desk. You may bring in your own lock for daily use. Any locks left on overnight will be removed and the contents of the locker will be kept for two weeks. Lock boxes are available at no charge at the Front Desk for your valuables on a daily basis. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.